Arsis Security Systems


We have standard and smart antenna solutions for shop entrance, exit and between the cash registers. Nedap and Easy E.A.S. antennas support your loss prevention strategy and form an important dissuasive factor against thieves.

The antennas have the capacity of responding to the security needs of every kind of shops, including but not limited to departmental shops, boutiques, construction markets, food markets, book shops, music markets, optical and electronics shops and they have various options.

  • "AI" patented bottom light technology
  • Crafting the organizational logo by Lazer logo
  • multimedya solutions with video
  • Advertisement poster possibility
  • Digital signal processing "DSP" technology
  • RALcolor determination possibility
  • People counting without the need for a PC
  • Connect-Operatemodel antennas which do not require technicians
  • Label detection independently from position through patented "OID" technology
  • Sensitive alarm analysiswhich distinguish entry and exit alarms
  • 24x7diagnosis and treatment through remote service

Nedap and Easy Antennas provide wide distance possibility. In addition, NEDAP systems include perfect label detection and developed digital signal processing "DSP" technology and Nedap patented "OID"(detecting independently from the label position).

Antennas can be manufactured in any color (by selecting RAL color). There are versions which can be mounted in the ceiling or under floor.

Advertisement poster
If it is preferred, antennas come along with advertisement poster function and they can be easily integrated into the shop's image. Due to durable figured steel and plexiglass body, posters can be easily mounted and dismounted and they can be exhibited without being damaged by external factors and without being dusted.

Plug in-operate
The antennas have ""plug in-operate"" characteristics. Advertisement posters can be added and they come with options of people counting, alarm analysis and remote service options. In this way, you may have your investment in front of you or in another part of the world, but in any case through diagnosis and treatment methods services can be remotely provided. Nedap systems are the only E.A.S.brand which has this feature.

Laser Logo
Because of the logo which is crafted by laser, antennas can carry the corporate identity. If the corporate logo crafted on the antenna, by reflecting along with bottom light, it will create extremely elegant view at the entrance of the shop.

Al-bottom light
It is the patented bottom light feature which is belong to Arsis Group and it exists only in Nedap and Easy antennas. Due to this feature you can observe that antennas are functioning constantly. Since the color of antennas disappear when the staff switch off electricity of the system, this is extremely important feature in prevention of losses. In addition, when the alarm label is forgotten the antenna changes color by turning into red. Thus, not through a single light on the antenna but by changing the color of all body of the antenna, the warning is made more prominent.
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