Arsis Security Systems


Management Information Services

Arsis is a leading provider of information and services related to numbers of people visiting retailers, shopping centres and transport locations – in fact we count more than 5 million visitors a month only at Teknosa electronics retail chain in Turkey in 2007.

We help our clients to; understand their market opportunity by measuring customer numbers, and providing related metrics; identify centres and outlets which have the potential to increase visitors, sales/conversion and rents/returns; identify actions for unlocking this potential; and quantify and monitor the results of these actions.

We provide management information services to monitor all your stores, all the time!

We establish systems to continuously check security and customer-friendliness in your stores and automatically record what happens in your stores and let you know what is going on, all over the world, day and night. How about that for a perfect assistant?

Arsis management information services:

  • Management Information Analysis and Consultancy
  • Customer counting
  • Staff awareness
  • System monitoring
  • ERP System Integration


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