Arsis Security Systems

Arsis guards your products by camera systems. According to total security management, high quality security systems are offered by adjusting them to your needs.

The following features exist in our security product and services:

  • Well informed security sales and service teams which provide consultancy service
  • Fire and alarm notification systems according to your need
  • Central alarm station and monitoring services
  • Closed circuit TV systems (CCTV) and other video monitoring services, digital video recording devices at all levels
  • Monitoring systems for the latest technology products
  • Nationwide organization of hardware and flexible project management
  • Technical team and support allocated for closed circuit/fire/ thief warning systems.
  • Service organization for all security products in every region in Turkey.

Arsis' comprehensive and experienced team develops solutions which will protect your assets from application design to installation and post-sale services. In centrally administrated services quality control has an important role. Therefore processes from pre-sale services to post-sale support services all have ISO: 9000 ratification.

Arsis team will prepare the infrastructure for you which will help you to save the recordings and to watch them when they are needed. Thus, you will be able to watch the recordings instantly through remote access. Based on your needs Arsis provides the most economical and effective solution through cameras which have different dissolution and capacity and PC based video recording systems.

CCTV makes contributions in the following areas:

  • . Decreasing internal and external losses
  • . Dissuasive effect on theft
  • . Establishes security for employees and customers
  • . Help you in monitoring alarms
  • . Provides proving possibility.

For free inspection of your shop call us. You will have the opportunity of displaying your products in an attractive way which is appropriate to your shop's architecture.


  • Stable cameras
  • Active dome cameras
  • Camera control and command devices
  • Screens
  • Digital recording devices

Your E.A.S.systems can be integrated with CCTV systems. Thus, you will be able to see why the alarms are sounding.

Open area camera systems have important dissuasive effect. Potential shop thieves feel that they are being monitored, and they prefer places without cameras and with less security measures.

You can decrease your losses 25% by CCTV systems

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