Arsis Security Systems


Deactivators are devices which are mounted in shops next to POS devices. There are used to deactivate paper labels which are used in shops. These high quality deactivators can be easily mounted on cash registers, they decrease "false alarm" probability to the minimum level and they create a customer friendly shop environment. These devices have remote detection capability and they come with different features:

Plug İn-Operate

Deactivators have "Plug in-operate" feature. If you prefer, you can have their smart features, too.
For example, if labels are deactivated out of work hours, you are notified.
Or, you can get 24x7 services through remote services.
In this way, you may have your investment in front of you or in another part of the world, but in any case through diagnosis and treatment methods services can be remotely provided. Nedap systems are the only E.A.S.brand which has this feature.



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