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Earthquake - Early Warning Systems


Mission Critical

Our mission is to minimize loss by utilizing the early warning systems. Although it is roughly possible to specify the damage rates of the structures with some conventional techniques, the response characteristics of structures to a possible earthqake, in other words durability of structures cannot be made with conventional techniques.

Arsis partnered together with SDR Japan, and now provides this service to Turkey enabling them to benefit from this servis which has been realized as the successful way in all over the world.

Social Responsibility

Seismic hazard occurs when the seismic load exceeds the tolerance of the structures. The damage rate can be minimized in the case of a possible earthquake by specifying these properties before an earthquake occurs. From this point of view, Arsis aims to apply the vulnerability investigations with microtremor analysis and to specify the tolerances of ground and structures in every type of ground and structures.

* Historical structures, museums
* Factories, industrial buildings
* Hospitals, skyscrapers
* Power plants, subway, trains, oil refineries

Engineering Knowledge
Composed of highly dedicated and talented individuals with many years of experience in the RF engineering field, Arsis has initiated many measurements of important sites such as Fatih Mosque Istanbul. Providing high quality instruments and network systems is essential. The principle goal of Arsıs is providing measuring solutions via its partners to customers' problems and meeting the customers' needs. This goal is fulfilled by superior products of Arsis suppliers in terms of features, functions, reliability, quality and price / performance value.

Iso 9001
The design and development of all Arsis solutions are centred on obtaining the highest possible levels of performance, durability and reliability. Therefore to ensure the maximum benefit in these areas, Arsis is continuing to place strong emphasis on incorporating the most advanced technologies.To complement its technical capabilities and to attain high levels of quality assurance, Arsis has invested extensively in support and communication and received ISO 9001 accreditation in 2005.



EAS Systems can be integrated with CCTV systems. In that way you can see the cause of the alarms.

Open air camera systems have great deterrence, as shoplifters will sense that they are being monitored therefore they will choose places without any CCTV installation.

You can reduce shrinkage by %25 with CCTV systems

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