Arsis Security Systems

In the Turkish economy electricity sector is among sectors which have experienced big and rapid development. Calculated according to current customer prices, electricity sector, with approximately 12 billion US $ sale earnings, has an important role in the national economy. Growth rate in electricity consumption, compared to the other industrial branches in Turkey and general national growth, is very high.

As of 2004 the system losses and illegal utilization was about 19.8 billion kWh and compared to the international standards this is very high figure. Therefore, one of the main goals of the reforms which are being carried out in electricity sector, diminishing losses and illegal utilization to the OECD countries' levels have been set as a goal.

In the consortium with Arsis, Acea and Landisgyr companies, it is aimed to manage counter readings of electricity, natural gas, water, etc. by an information administration web. In this way it is aimed to establish easier management by diminishing losses and illegal utilization and integrated system.


Acea - Arsis Cooperation (PDF, 10MB))

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