Arsis Security Systems

You can constantly watch your office, work place, depots by Arsis digital recording systems and you can make records, form archive and when it is needed you can access to your previous records. In addition, Arsis digital recording systems can function in integration with E.A.S.systems. Through Xatlas total security administration packet, all security hardware can be directed as you wish. By using this system which can work integrally, you can manage and watch your office and work place from your home, another city or another country for 7 days/24 hours through your mobile phone, personnel computer which have necessary software or PDAs. Arsis digital recording systems have become very popular because of their economic cost, reliability and high technology.

You can integrate digital recording systems with thief warning systems, thus you will achieve maximum security in your work place.

Important criteria in selection of digital recording system.

  • Picture quality
  • Number of pictures recorded in a second
  • Number of records and archives which can be conducted.
  • Number of people which can remotely connect to the system simultaneously
  • Remote control picture quality with Interne Lan/ Wan
  • Budget, price and performance

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Decrease your loss by %25 with CCTV and digital video recording systems.

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