Arsis Security Systems

With cable product protection systems, you can display your products in open areas of your shop and your customer can easy investigate the products. Open display systems increases sales of your shop at least 30%.

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It assures security of electronic products like mobile phone, cordless phone, camcorder, calculator, video, screen etc. which are displayed in an open area by making them not to leave a certain area.

Electronic and chargeable display systems

These are the systems which you can save in them up to 144 products and which come with a charging adaptor that makes possible performing live demo simultaneously. All cables are connected to the main panel through distributor and sensor. At the cables' connection end to the product there are sensors and when these are forced to be detached from the product the sale personnel will be warned by visual and aloud alarm.Through the exist connection located on the panel, security cameras in the shop can be directed to make records. With its remote control feature, it can be easily controlled. When there is a power cut it functions with a battery. In case of a power cut it deactivates warning LED lights and uses the battery economically.

Electronic display systems

10 satellites can be connected to a control module and 8 products can be connected to a satellite. In total, through 1 control module and 10 satellites, 80 products can be protected.

Mechanical display systems

The cable display system which does not include audio alarm and which automatically rolls the cord after the product is examined. It provides economic possibility of displaying your products in the shop with removing option by a mechanical protection system.


  • You can display your products in a method your prefer; it has different shape and color display stands
  • Flat and extendable spiral cables can be selected in any preferred color
  • There are systems which are suitable to Sony, Nokia and Apple brands' colors and shapes.

For free inspection of your shop call us. You will have the opportunity of displaying your products in an attractive way which is appropriate to your shop's architecture.




 NEDAP FleurEAS Systems(PDF, 383KB)






Arsis cable protection sensor and display systems are offered in various type and colors. Thus, the products are displayed in a highly attractive way.

Cable protection MP3 player installations.

Cable protection Laptop

Cable protection Video Camcorder installation


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