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In order to be able to make planning in shops or shopping centers, the most important issue which has to be known is the traffic, in other words number of customers coming to the shop or shopping center. Based on number of customers, shop density is determined according to time and with this information:

  • Determination of the shop's potential customer number and its ratio to realized sales
  • Determination of number of employees which should be employed in the shop
  • Determination of marketing activities which should be carried out (promotions, discounts, advertisements, etc.) finding the most productive timing for these activities.
  • Determination of number of people visiting the shop and according to the shop localization the product type and variety.

People counting systems are offered with wireless, wired, or internet connection options. There are versions which conduct one direction counting or double direction counting. At the same time they can be mounted on wall, post, or ceiling and they can be integrated into security antennas, too.

People counting information are saved in the memory according to time sequence. In the memory there is information for number of people at certain hours and monthly information about previous days


For more information:

Documents Language Size
People counting system presentation Türkçe 720 KB
Easy vision product brochure İngilizce 378 KB
Easy vision product brochure Türkçe 310 KB



 NEDAP FleurEAS Systems(PDF, 383KB)






Arsis cable protection sensor and display systems are offered in various type and colors. Thus, the products are displayed in a highly attractive way.

Cable protection MP3 player installations.

Cable protection Laptop

Cable protection Video Camcorder installation


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