Arsis Security Systems

Do not hide your products and their security, display them.

With the world's most developed and wide variety products, protection containers are at your service in 58 different sizes. From DVD to video games, from perfumes to software boxes, with their different box types protection containers will protect your products for years safely and without scratches.

Due to special mixture of poli carbon material, it helps you to display your products elegantly. In consistence with your shop E.A.S.infrastructure, they may come with Echo-Magnetic, Radio-Frequency or Electro-Magnetic security labels. Products can be easily opened at the cash registers by patented special openers. It prevents formation of long queues at the cash register. In addition, with the strong hangers, detachment of protection containers from the hangers is prevented. Because of protection containers' various sizes, many products can be displayed in shop windows and area maximization is achieved.


-CD and DVDs
-Video Games
-Software boxes
-Remote control
-Memory cards
-MP3 and various accessories
-Big boxes




 NEDAP FleurEAS Systems(PDF, 383KB)






Arsis cable protection sensor and display systems are offered in various type and colors. Thus, the products are displayed in a highly attractive way.

Cable protection MP3 player installations.

Cable protection Laptop

Cable protection Video Camcorder installation


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