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Dialoc Library Security Systems have been represented by Arsis Security Systems for more than 10 years and they are being used by existing references in safety. Arsis have been carrying out sales and marketing of security systems all around Turkey for 22 years and with its thousands of references it is the oldest and most effective member of the security sector.

Dialoc library systems are specialized in protecting printed, digital, media and audio-visual media products against theft. Dialoc systems are being constantly developed to carry out library activities in a more productive manner. In this way, by providing automated options like self-service table for members who are checking out books and similar media products, it enhances the speed of activities carried out by library staff (for example lending, collection, distribution, extending lending period of books and similar media products). In addition, when it is needed, by using RFID technology it is possible conduct shelf inventory checks and book/media search activities are conducted more effectively by portable reader.


Basic characteristics

  • It provides effective application for big libraries which have large number of visitors.
  • Assembly preferences are extremely wide because of its modular structure.
  • Due to the system's scalability, the system can be easily adapted to one, two, three or four corridors.
  • When it is preferred, every corridor can conduct different perceptions, there is possibility of sound and light warnings.
  • The system panels can be directly mounted on the floor or floor connection elements.
  • From the technological perspective, it is designed at the highest level, it has a perfect performance.
  • It can conduct material control independently from the operators.
  • Can establish connection to any circulation software.
  • Since it is adopted to the magnetic values of its environment, it is extremely safe.
  • Arsis Library solutions are especially preferred in Turkey and the Turkish Republics


    Since 1990, through product security system solutions for libraries, Arsis has conducted important activities in diminishing losses in libraries in Turkey and the Turkish Republics.

    Nowadays we are providing library solutions by Electro-magnetic (EM), Radio Frequency (RF), Radio Frequency Identity Definition (RFID) based technologies. Through smart library systems (RFID), nowadays all the process in the libraries, from checking out a book to replacement of the book on the shelf, is monitored by smart systems. In this way, productivity of librarians is enhanced and books are having a wider area of utilization. With its special Turkish software of library systems, nowadays tens of libraries in Turkey are using Arsis solutions.


    Decrease material losses and protect property of your products.


    In protection of multimedia products, like CD and DVD, we are offering only special protective covers. Discoveries aiming at preventing entry of unauthorized people will be conducted by Arsis security team and you, and the most appropriate solution will be offered. From closed circuit TV systems to passage control systems, it is providing you effective security solutions.



    Ellpise 2020 Library EAS System

    Quadra 1100PL Library EAS System

    EM hard tags

    EM Deactivators




    Some References

    Kadikoy Municipality Public Library
    Maltepe Military School / İzmir
    Beykent University / İstanbul
    Maltepe University / İstanbul
    Trakya University / Edirne
    İstanbul Trade University
    Çanakkale 18 Mart University
    Yaşar University
    Turkmenistan Government Library


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