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LCD Displays and Customer Counting Integrated in EAS Antennas

Arsis now provides EASi/Media system, a unique digital signage network for retail applications. The system is unique in combining multimedia display with high quality Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), and customer counting developed with high quality Nedap brand. EASi/Media facilitates the entire digital signage solution from content management to display at the store entrance with proof of performance.

A special LCD display seamlessly integrated in EAS design antennas allows brand advertisers and retailers to focus on showing the right promotions and advertisements to customers entering the store.. Also, shoppers in the high street who are passing the store can be invited to enter with the right message. This way, the EASi/Media system can make an important contribution to attracting more customers and strengthening the stores brand and image. To further support the brand or store advertising the EAS design antennas offer also the possibility to insert large advertising posters.

Revenue Instead of Cost

By adding new multimedia marketing functions to EAS antennas, store security infrastructure becomes a revenue instead of a cost. For a certain fee, Retailers can offer broadcasting time to their suppliers, Also the appearance of the store entrance can easily be changed remotely whenever and in whatever way desired.

EASi/Media is unique in that is can report exactly when commercials were broadcasted, and at the same time how many visitors have entered the store during this time. Based on this information appropriate actions can be taken, such as: adjusting promotions in case of low visitor rates.

The content of EASi/Media is distributed through Nedap EASi/Net, a secure, fully integrated suite of web-enabled EAS and loss prevention solutions. This software platform is already in use by thousands of stores to control and monitor EAS performance and customer counting.


 NEDAP FleurEAS Systems(PDF, 383KB)






Arsis cable protection sensor and display systems are offered in various type and colors. Thus, the products are displayed in a highly attractive way.

Cable protection MP3 player installations.

Cable protection Laptop

Cable protection Video Camcorder installation


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