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The World of Retail Address of the constantly changing security needs: Arsis

The changes in the world of retail are requiring a competitive structure. Similarly, the needs in security area are constantly changing, too. Instead of single goal oriented security systems, currently there is a trend toward security administration systems which are interactive and exchanging data among each other. Arsis is providing the most updated and economical solutions to establish alternatives for you.


Arsis retail and security solutions include wide variety of products ranging from simple manual labeling devices to specialized integrated and smart security systems.


Decrease your losses and increase your sales

Our expertise is decreasing your losses. Through the technology and devices we are using, we are not just decreasing your losses but also working on solutions to enhance your sales. You will be able accelerate collection of your existing investments' returns through labeling at the source and loss shrinking programs.


Security cost/ benefit analysis

We aim to assist you in management of your existing sources at the most effective level by employing our strategic loss prevention devices. These products range from close circuit TV (CCTV) systems to access control systems, integrated product security and general purpose monitoring screens. Arsis integration team will define your integrated monitoring systems based on your needs. For example, by integrating your product security system's alarms with close circuit video monitoring system and image transfer system, you will be able to monitor your alarms. We can define certain job rules through our devices which conduct detailed alarm analysis. For example, only images recorded during outside alarms can be e-mailed to your chief security personnel. Similarly, your thief warning systems can be integrated in this system.


If you prefer, through total security management packet you can monitor all this security hardware over the Internet and web-based software from anywhere you like and you can define job descriptions. The future of security lays in the integrated security management systems. Thus, we can help you to obtain the maximum benefit from your existing security investment and assist you in management of your retail shops safely.


Security labels with reasonable prices and high quality

In the world of retail brand image is everything. We are able to provide high quality logo press possibilities by specialized security labels. We delivery you the security labels with all security quality indicators. Thus, you can create your brand image related to security labels and logos in both national market and global market.

Because of the international dealer web owned by the Arsis Group, you will be able to get labels and logos at reasonable prices and will also be able to get post assembly and sales support.


Arsis provides total security management approach for the security infrastructure by acting as a systems integrator and consultant for hardware solutions such as cctv, dvr (digital video recording), fire alarm, intruder detection, access control systems

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